Carr Wood Tech
3602 East Southern Ave
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Phoenix, AZ  85040
PH:  480-659-0081
Fire Test Overview

Carr Wood Tech has supplied test materials for all of the standard tests such as UL 711, UL 790, ASTM E108 and UL 1703, E-84 and some not so standard. We offer a conditioning chamber for increasing moisture content and a oven to reduce it depending on the test and shipping requirements.

We ship components as well as finished products throughout the US and overseas.  Our customers can be found in Australia, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, England, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan as well as the United States.
Brands:Class A to Class C
Bending Wheels
E-84 Red Oak Decks
Flying Embers
Cribs Of All Sizes
E108 or UL790 Decks