Carr Wood Tech
3602 East Southern Ave
Suite 6
Phoenix, AZ  85040
PH:  480-659-0081

The principle of the company, Randy Carr has spent his entire life in the wood industry.  First working at the family lumber business in Chicago then wholesaler selling lumber and plywood across the US.

In 1983 he joined Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) as a field services representative giving seminars and instruction on wood design and properties to architects, building code officials and lumber dealers across the country.

He returned to the family lumber business in 1985 and began to develop the Fire Test market with the technical wood back ground acquired in previous jobs and experience recognizing the need for a link between wood products designed for and used in construction and the fire safety market.

During 30 years of working in the fire test business we have shipped to over 12 countries world wide and developed a wide range of sources for species and products required in just about any test.  If you need it, we have it, will find it or have it made.