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E84 Flooring and Decks

We offer 2 options of the red oak 2-1/4" flooring for E-84 calibrations. Both are available as flooring or assembled in decks.

Our premium grade we run in house from all 8' and longer red oak. We select out any defects prior to running it to provide a clear, uniform product with no splicing over the length of a deck.

For a more economical price we have a long standing relationship with a mill where we buy a Select and Better Red Oak 2-1/4” face flooring random length.  This is closer to the industry standard of lengths ranging from 1’ to 9’ in a unit.  The construction of decks from this grade does require random length splicing as allowed in the standard

We offer 3 options of the Doug Fir flooring for E-84 calibrations. All 3 are available as flooring or assembled in decks.

Our Doug Fir flooring and assembled decks are run from all 8' and longer stock in house and can be manufactured from vertical grain, flat grain or mixed grain.

Consistency in the growing region and moisture content allows for a consistent surface burn every test.

Red Oak Decks Made From The Premium Red Oak Flooring.  Run With All 8' And Longer Material
Moulder Running Flooring
Red Oak Decks Ready To Ship