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Over the years we have provided cribs for a wide range of tests.  These range from the smaller 12" residential cribs to the 2,400 lb 40A cribs and all others in between. The wood species supplied have been spruce-pine-fir*, white pine, scots pine (for British Standards), doug fir and poplar depending on the standards requirements.

*The term “Spruce, Pine or Fir” is used in many fire test criteria: Typically, the Canadian species group (SPF) is used but there are similar species groups in the US.  The burn rates and density between the species within the spruce-pine-fir group and doug fir are very different.  We can assist you with the species selection for your test.


British Standard 5852 Cribs #4 to #6
Made With Scots Pine
British Standard 3A Cribs Made With Scots Pine
UL 711 Cribs